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Monday December 18, 2017

For Brands looking for Bloggers

If you’re responsible for the online marketing of a multi-channel retail brand, with a multi-million £/€/$ turnover, or starting up a niche independent ecommerce site, it’s unlikely you’ll have time to manage your own blogger engagement strategy.

So let us do it for you. Since 2009 we’ve been engaged in social media, networking with the most interesting and engaging bloggers in a variety of direct commerce sectors. We can introduce you to the best bloggers for your brand, from a single product review to a competition, or bespoke campaign strategy, across fashion, luxury goods, gifts, travel or interior design sectors.

Managed by a team of fashion and lifestyle content specialists and SEO experts, Brands on the Blog has a unique approach that considers look and feel, along with link value to ensure your brand exposure is appropriate, authentic and engaging.

Simply contact Brands on the Blog for details on how we can kick start compelling brand stories online today