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Monday December 18, 2017

Brand Review: Work Out Life

Posted on: September 23rd, 2012 by Jennifer Tate No Comments

Work Out Life comprises stylish designs with high performance work out wear. Photograph: Work Out Life.

Ever since Jessica Ennis turned heads with those extraordinary abs packed into stylish Stella McCartney lycra, the fashion world has gone gaga for healthy body shapes and lifestyles. Replacing stick thin, bone-protruding body types as the fashion norm, the strong and athletic body shape is now celebrated by high-fashion designers such as Emporio Armani, who placed keen emphasis on the strong and toned physique in their latest campaign for their EA7 line.

In the aftermath of this athletic craze then, the launch of Work Out Life, a new brand that caters to the exercise and performance needs of the ‘modern woman’, couldn’t have come around at a better time.

Launched by Ebru Ercon, the established sportswear designer of her self-founded label, New Power Studio, and Rebecca Quade, the fashion marketing mogul, Work Out Life prides itself on its 60-piece collection of work out wear, which is designed with contemporary fashions and high power performance in mind.

With a colour palette of dark greens, cloudy blues and icy greys and a collection comprising of tops, singlets, bras, t-shirts, jackets, short, leggings, dress and trousers, the collection really does has something for everyone, with some items even featuring a gorgeous but understated floral print, which will make gym-bunnies look stylishly offbeat in the gym.

The brand's stylishly understated collection in cool colours means there's something for everyone. Photograph: Work Out Life.

Cleverly, Ercon and Quade have divided the brand into three genius and expertly constructed sections so that customers can go straight for a workout wear line to suit their movement needs:

WORK: The Work section consists of high performance wear for whatever sporty activity the customer may take part in, be it Bikram yoga, spinning or running, with each piece geared for those who like high impact fashion meets high volume sweat.

OUT: The Out range caters to those who enjoy contemporary twists on their workout wear, with the collection consisting of medium to high impact chic performance wear that will take its wearer anywhere.

LIFE: Finally, the Life section of the brand comprises modern and sophisticated basics that aim to put style back into comfort and is perfect for those with low impact activities and a stylish, jet set lifestyle.

Anyone for healthy eating? Work Out Life's blog dishes out some tips. Photograph: Work Out Life.

The brand also encourages its customers to take their personal style into their own hands and mix and match items across the entire Work, Out and Life sections to create a stylish and comfortable look that works with their tastes and lifestyle.

The fact that Work Out Life is ultimately a new brand on the block is never obvious thanks to its professionally sleek and established-looking website that comprises simple design with extensive content. The brand also harnesses the power of its on-site blog, which gives tips for healthy eating and lists the many benefits of exercise with powerfully motivating images. Finally, its presence on many social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Youtube ensures that their brand and products achieve maximum exposure; meaning new and potential customers are just a short reach away.

Finally, the brand’s dynamic and beautiful creations are also earth-conscious, with 30-40% of the range made in organic cotton yarns, so you can rest assured that you’re doing good to the environment, as well as your health and fitness, when you kick-start your day with an energetic aerobics class.

These floral racy shorts (£54) are on Brand's On The Blog's workout wishlist. Photograph: Work Out Life.

With the brand still less than two months old, Work Out Life already has stellar intentions for its global e-commerce portal, planning to promote a more healthy body image and encourage wellness with video diaries from expert sports enthusiasts. Speaking to Dazed Digital earlier this month, Ebru Ercon explained her hopes and intentions for the brand’s progressions: “We want to encourage a good body image amongst women and help them to feel comfortable with their bodies, because I think it is a negative body image that keeps us obsessed with our external visual messages and not our internal power.”

And when being fit and healthy looks this good, who wants to just sit around on the sofa?  Well done so far, Work Out Life – we wish you every success in your future!


What do you think of Work Out Life? What pieces will you be buying based on this brand review? We’d love to know so leave us a comment below or tweet us at @BrandsontheBlog

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